Workshop Pipe Saws

Hydraulically operated workshop pipe saws for the preparation of pipe segments in HDPE, PE, PP and other thermoplastic materials. Worldpoly offers saws from 90mm (3.5") up to 2000mm (80").


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How do workshop pipes saws work?

Pipe saws are hydraulically operated saws specifically used for the production of angled HDPE pipe segments. Worldpoly pipe saws provide angled cuts anywhere from 0 degrees to 67 degrees accurately and ready to be welded in a workshop welding machine. Pipes cut using poly pipe saws are ready for butt welding either in the field, or in the workshop.

Sizes of workshop pipe saws

Worldpoly manufactures machines that cut HDPE pipe segments anywhere from 90mm to 2000mm OD, with our team currently developing a pipe saw for pipes up to 3000mm in diameter.

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