Saddle Fusion Machines

Hydraulically operated saddle fusion machines for the production of reducing tees. Worldpoly offers machinery for sidewall fusion of HDPE pipes from 63mm (2”) up to 1200mm (48”).


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MORE ABOUT Saddle fusion Machines

How do saddle fusion machines work?

Saddle fusion (also known as sidewall fusion) allows for the welding of a smaller HDPE pipe at 90 degrees onto a larger pipe, thereby creating a reducing tee. To do this, the pipe is held in the machine at 90 degrees to the centre line of the machine, and the smaller pipe is fixed to the welding arm. A special radiused heating plate, with ‘male’ and ‘female’ sides is used to heat the pipe in preparation for the join. The ‘female’ side will melt the weld area on the main pipe, while the ‘male’ side melts the end of the smaller diameter pipe. The heating plate is removed, and the machine pushes the pipe ends together under a controlled temperate, time and pressure. It is important to note, the outlet diameter cannot be greater than 50% of the diameter of the main pipe.

Sizes of saddle fusion machines available

Worldpoly manufacture saddle fusion machines for all combinations of main and lateral pipes from 63mm (2”) up to 1200mm (48”).

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