Hydraulically operated pipe saw specifically produced for the preparation of pipe segments in HDPE used for the production of bends, tees and other fabrications. Capacity 200 to 1200mm OD / 8" to 48" IPS. Cutting angle is -45 to +67.5 degrees. Loweri



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Technical Specifications


Cutting range 200 to 1200mm OD.
67 degree maximum cutting angle allows production of segments for bends, tees and Y-branch tees.
Hydraulic lock/release of main pipe
Cutting feed is hydraulically controlled.
Laser blade positioning.
Special saw blade available for thick walled pipe.
Angular cutting error equal to or less than 1 degree.
Speed of saw blade 250 m/min.
- Emergency stop at operation panel.
- Before saw blade is running,it alarms with both a flashing light and audible alarm for a few seconds.
- Equipped with saw blade detection device. Once saw blade is broken, machine will stop immediately.
- Saw blade guides expand and contract automatically Once pipe diameter and fitting types has been selected, assuring close contact with pipe for blade protection.
- Saw guide travel is limited by proximity switches.
- Pipe or fitting is locked by hydraulic controlled bar - easy, safe and reliable.
- Low pipe bed design, providing easy and safe reception of cut pieces.
Weight 7,000kg
Please note technical specifications of Worldpoly machines may change without notice


- All electric operating buttons and handles are operated at 24DCV.
400 volt 3 phase 50 Hz (5.5 Kw 4.2 A). optional 480/3/60 or 220/3/60.


Genuine 24 month international warranty.

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