Manufacturing Facility on the Move After 12 Years


Years experience in PE pipe machinery

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Countries and counting

From Lynbrook to Pakenham

Lynbrook was the heart of global operations for manufacturing, R&D, service and training for Worldpoly butt welding equipment, however, with greater demand than ever before, a bigger facility is needed to stay ahead. The team have been working hard setting up the new premises, which will begin operation on the 22nd of August. The facility at 59 Peet Street in Pakenham, Victoria is significantly larger, taking Worldpoly Australia’s capabilities to the next level.

The new manufacturing facility allows for streamlined delivery of the proven PolyForce630i Tracked and new PolyForce1000e Tracked, featuring the latest operator safety, intuitive electronics, mobile hydraulic technology and mil-spec components where warranted. Dedicated production lines and the latest in-house equipment will confirm the safety, reliability and serviceability we are known for, and a big thanks goes to our customers, suppliers and team without whom this wouldn’t be possible!

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