Can you max out a machines weld capacity?


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Imagine buying a 630mm butt welding machine, only to find out it maxes out at 500mm. Not a great investment if you need to get the 630mm done, but unfortunately this is the case with quite a few machines on the market today. The problem occurs as the machine generates insufficient power at the maximum diameter and wall thickness, which is a serious issue as a butt weld’s accuracy and resulting quality is directly related to the temperature, time and pressure of the weld.

Fortunately, Worldpoly manufacturers machines that give you the right amount of power for the specified size of pipe. So what? That means you can weld 630mm SDR 7.4 with a PolyForce630i., so maxing out a machines weld capacity is certainly possible with the right manufacturer. However, it’s important to note that most hydraulic machines are inaccurate in the lowest 10% of their pressure range, so if you have grunt at the top-end don’t go trying to accurately weld small diameter thin wall pipe with your 630.

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