A Custom Data Logger Set up for Operations in WA


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Data logging trend continues to grow

A data logger is designed to record data during the weld process. Some machines have data logging software inbuilt on the machines PLC, while others need a separate data logger as an attachment. On Worldpoly machines, this includes various points of data on temperature, time and pressure (plus more) at the time of fusion. In recent years, there’s been a growing trend of contracts requiring operators to use data loggers, essentially giving the customer peace of mind that each weld was completed within the specified parameters and local standards, whilst providing the contractor invaluable information about work-flow. This level of accountability is a trend that’ll only grow in the coming years, which is why we continue to develop to-date no-cost solutions either integrated into our machines, or as an app for your phone.

A custom welding program

Worldpoly recently developed a custom welding program for operators in Western Australia, specially developed to meet the custom requirements of WAWA (Water Authority of Western Australia). These data loggers are incorporated in the software of our PolyForce630i Tracked, and without going into the specifics, combines two types of butt welding standard to guide the projects welds. Operators can benefit from the use of Worldpoly data loggers which are also loaded with common welding standards that don’t require a custom solution.

If you need to raise your teams accountability to win bigger contract, please contact our crew.

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