Worldpoly Takes Out Top Prize Over Komatsu


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Following a long R&D program, it’s nice to feel appreciated, which is exactly how Worldpoly felt after winning the Earthmover & Civil Contractors Technology Release of the Year Award.

Sponsored by Plant Assessor, the 2015 Technology Release of the Year Award was won by Worldpoly’s PolyForce630CNC, the most advanced & productive poly welder in the world.

The PolyForce was up against some extremely tough competition including Komatsu’s Intelligent Dozer, which has been described as being “at least twice as productive as a dozer fitted with a third party machine control system”.

The 3rd generation family business based outside of Melbourne, Australia, when they found out that they were up against Komatsu, though for sure they would place as the runner up. But when it was announced at the Gala even held at the Sofotel in Melbourne that the PolyForce had taken out the top prize, Worldpoly’s CEO Rob Hall was blown away. “We know, as does anyone who used the PolyForce, that it’s a ground breaking technology, there’s no doubt about that. But taking the top prize over Komatsu was a real surprise”.

By focusing on operator safety, equipment performance & productivity, almost eliminating operator error, and providing a full communications ability in a rugged Australian Made package, all owners and operators of PolyForce equipment can reset assured that a wise decision has been made when they chose Worldpoly.

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