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Worldpoly is proud to be supporting Aussie farmers who are suffering through the current drought affecting most of Australia.

Debilitating drought is affecting 100% of NSW, over 60% of Queensland and significant parts of the rest of the country.
For many farmers, this drought has been going on for over 6 years but has now reached a point where killing their livestock and crops is the only viable option.

We want to do everything we can to help these hardworking Aussies, so for every Australian order received from now until the end of August, we will donate a hay bale to farmers most in need at no cost to you. This will help them to sustain their livestock and, in turn, their livelihoods.

You don’t need to do anything extra for this to happen – we will organise all donations automatically, and you will receive a letter of appreciation in return. This can be shared amongst your staff or on social media, as the more awareness this cause gets, the more help these hardworking farmers can receive.

If you would like to make an additional donation, we highly recommend doing so through the charity Buy A Bale.

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