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Countries and counting

With 60+ years in the PE pipe industry, Worldpoly has been manufacturing manual butt fusion machines for the past twenty years and intelligent models for the past seven, gaining excellent experience in the mining, gas and water industries.

Following the release of the PolyForce500i Tracked last year, Worldpolys’ intelligent butt welding range has expanded with the arrival of the PolyForce630i Tracked, and later this year PolyForce1000e, welding to 1000mm OD and 36″ DIPS.

The 630i has been in development for years and will replace earlier PolyForce630 PLC models, introducing additional features that make the machine even safer to use, along with providing additional operating efficiencies for owners. Australian-made, the PolyForce630i Tracked is a fully automatic and self-contained smart welding unit (high and low pressure, ASTM and ISO), that is ideal for use with HDPE pipes and fittings of between 315mm and 630mm OD (12” to 24”).

The machine features and exceptionally rugged internationally available Swedish 12” touch-screen (rated IP66 & NEMA 4X/12, rugged and high vibration resistant, -30 to +70C operating temperatures) which is easy-to-use, while the on-board 20,000+ weld data logger is compliant with ASTM F 3124 and remembers everything. Safety is well considered with these machines, and operation in high-temperature environments has also been addressed with the inclusion of high-performance hydraulic cooling.

International service and parts for PolyForce machines have been fully considered from day-one, so you can get them from Worldpoly, or contact the local distributors of Bosch Rexroth, Danfoss, Yanmar, CeTop-3 valves, in fact from Tchad to Chattanooga you’re not far from a solution.

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