PolyForce630i Tracked and PolyForce1000i Tracked


Years experience in PE pipe machinery

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Countries and counting

Bigger, safer, stronger, better.


  • Australian Made, Australian safety responsibility.
  • Operator safety central to design and operation for the past 8 years
    • Monitored safety stops
    • Keyed hydraulic lockout
    • 2-hand operation for movement
    • Handsfree pipe clamping
    • Eliminated man-entry
    • Low-noise engine
    • Cordless remote as standard


  • Manufactured in Australia following 60 years of Australian PE pipe history, 50 years of butt welding, and 20 years of butt welding machine manufacture
  • Locally sourced components means local availability of parts
  • We work with your preferred local hydraulics and electrical contractor under warranty where this will get you welding sooner
  • Our technicians live in the factory, so a quick solution is always available
  • Welds between clamps 2&3, and 3&4 for fittings and tight welds
  • Includes stub device for welding short spigot flanges – no extension needed.
  • Components from Rexroth, Yanmar, Danfoss, Mecc Alte, premium Australian made cylinders
  • You know where we live


  • While welding according to ISO 21307 as an Australian contract requires, ease of consistent operation will increase the number of welds per day
  • 2-speed tracks with high-power hydraulic drives to handle almost anything
  • Fast-fusion compatible


  • Rugged mobile Bosch Rexroth PLC, as used in underground rock drills
  • Rugged intuitive touch screen
  • Already fitted with GSM connection hardware for future upgrade
  • Data logging included as standard

Worldpoly’s PolyForce1000i

Bigger, safer, stronger, better

You’ve probably heard about our latest tracked welding machines, and might have even seen or used one, so now is the time to tell you about it.

First, what makes us think we can make a crowd-stopping tracked machine? We’ve been in the polypipe industry since it started in Australia 60+ years ago, have been using butt welding equipment for 50 years and producing it for 20 – now up to 2700mm diameter, and made our first tracked machine for WDS on the Queensland coal seam gas when one of their operators was killed while using an imported machine. Thanks to WDS we were able to work with the reality of remote butt welding first-hand, and together created the ideal machine for the application.

Bigger. 900mm is a strange diameter for HDPE pipe in most of the world, where 1000mm is the norm. Given that we have clients in 120 countries, most of which are metric and don’t use a lot of 900mm pipe, 1000mm was a given. As a side benefit this machine will also weld 36” DIPS in North America.
While our machine welds larger pipe than you are used to, it is road-legal without removing the weld-carriage, and drives straight into a container.

Safer. Australia has one of the worlds most stringent OH&S requirements, which has instilled in us a genetic consideration for operator safety. Our moral obligation is a given, but as an Australian manufacturer Government regulations make us legally liable if we don’t take these into account. From machine #1 man-entry into potentially dangerous areas was not possible, two-handed operation for carriage movement was required, three monitored e-stops were fitted, keyed hydraulic lockout was incorporated, hands-free locking of top-clamps was standard, low-noise engines have been used, and cordless remote control of the tracks was included.

Stronger. PolyForce1000i Tracked is fully engineered and constructed in Australia taking into account our rugged conditions, and the potentially remote location of projects. As examples our rubber tracks are 50% wider, far more powerful and use high -power Rexroth drives allowing towing, and we exclusively use Bosch Rexroths’ rugged PLC as used in underground rock drills – it is four times the price of a normal PLC, but that wouldn’t be right. Our engine is the latest from Yanmar – Australias’ largest supplier of industrial diesels and able to also supply us with North American Tier 4 approved models, alternators are from Mecc Alte, hydraulics from Bosch Rexroth and Danfoss, and we fit over-the-top automatic on-demand hydraulic cooling as standard. There’s nothing cheap and nasty about this machine.

Better. Drive the machine straight into a container without removing the welding carriage – that wasn’t easy for us, but we thought was a better idea than leaving a AUD 500,000 machine out alone all night. Worldpoly uses Australian-delivered parts from top-end international manufacturers, meaning that you don’t have to wait for delivery of a purpose-built part from a single supplier, and if you can’t wait for us to send it from Melbourne we’ll help you find it locally, anywhere. For any Warranty issues we work with your preferred local hydraulics or electrics provider, because our aim is to keep you welding. Already fitted with data logging and GSM for the next free upgrade, and small things like a 200 Amp Anderson plug, engine management system and being able to jog the tracks from the welding position are already there because that’s what we would look for if we were buying a machine. Worldpoly is around the corner waiting with the PolyForce1000i Tracked.

If you haven’t seen one and want to, let me know on +61 (0)3 89753888, rob@worldpoly.com, or +61 (0)418356959.

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