Launching the PolyForce1000e – 1000mm Butt Welding Machine


Years experience in PE pipe machinery

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Countries and counting

Built to handle 1000mm SDR9 with ease

PE pipe requirements are continually evolving, particularly increasing in size, weight and diameter to handle industry expectations. Today there’s a serious need to consider the operators and businesses in sectors which use these heavy duty pipes, such as gas, mining and water. That’s why we’ve designed and manufactured the PolyForce 1000e Tracked, built to handle 1000mm SDR9 HDPE pipe. Given 900mm is a strange diameter for HDPE piping in most parts of the world, it made sense to cater to these needs first. The 1000e however, will also weld 36″ DIPS in North America.

“We’ve been in the polypipe industry since it started in Australia 60 years ago, having used butt welding equipment for 50 years and manufactured it for 20 – now up to 2500mm diameter. Our first tracked machine was born from a need for safety, having been advised of an operator fatality involving an imported machine in Queensland.”

Rob Hall – Managing Director

Designed for safety

Designed and manufactured in Australia, Worldpolys’ PolyForce equipment is built to some the most stringent OH&S requirements in the world, instilling a genetic consideration not only for the legal requirements but genuine operator safety. This not only makes it extremely effective and reliable, but also one of the safest available on the market today. Design features include keyed hydraulic lockout, Cat-3 E-Stops, restricted operator entry to potential danger zones, cordless remote operation and automatic braking. Ensuring operators are safe was a key consideration during the design process, particularly given the sheer size and weight of the butt welding executed by this machine.

Delivering unparalleled reliability

Australian conditions are excellent for testing of machinery in the most rugged and harsh of conditions. Combined with the likelihood of remote location, the 1000e has been built to outperform and outlast its competition. With 50% wider tracks than industry average and high-power Rexroth track drives, customers also benefit from the ability to tow the machine. From top to bottom, the PolyForce 1000e has been loaded with the highest quality components:

  • Yanmar industrial diesels
  • Bosch Rexroth rugged PLC (used in underground rock drills)
  • Mecc Alte alternators
  • Danfoss hydraulics
  • Over-the-top automatic on-demand hydraulic cooling

Each machine is also delivered with a 3-year international warranty and complete training, spare parts and service support anywhere in the world. By using Australian delivered parts from top-end international manufactures, component delivery is simple and streamlined directly from Melbourne. In the rare case it isn’t and parts are required urgently, our team will support you in sourcing these locally.

Smarter functionality

There are not many machines of this capacity which allow for container storage without the removal of the welding carriage. Imagine leaving critical machinery out in the elements day after day and night after night? The PolyForce 1000e makes it incredibly easy to transport, whether it be to a new site or for a service – drive it straight in. With over 60 years’ experience in the PE pipeline industry, Worldpoly delivers consistency and reliability to your butt welding needs. For more information on the technical specifications and features please click here.

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