How to Invest in your Fusion Operations with a Preventative Maintenance Plan


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Don’t underestimate your key resources

Operations across the globe are always looking at ways to reduce future expenses, the fusion industry is no different. A proactive plan to achieve this is one of the most valuable investments you can make. By preparing and planning, you support your machinery by not only reducing expenses, but downtime over the long run. While butt fusion machinery is incredibly durable, even minor issues stack up over time creating lost time and money. Not to mention the fact that well kept machinery retains a higher value and level of safety, which supports your team on the ground.

Creating a preventative maintenance plan

A simple investment, but one that is commonly overlooked, a preventative maintenance plan doesn’t need to overcomplicate or add significant time to your operations. It simply exists as a process to ensure your machinery is ready to hit your production milestones. The following checklist is a good start:

  • Clean equipment regularly, best done at the end of the day
  • Schedule regular maintenance based on both time and hours in operation
  • Always have common replacement parts readily available on site, with the necessary tools to interchange
  • Document any repairs, no matter how small
  • Avoid wet and/or extreme cold storage environments
  • Always follow proper procedures when transporting your equipment to and from site
  • Train operators on the specific equipment they’ll be using

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