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Years experience in PE pipe machinery

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Countries and counting

A leader in thermoplastic welding solutions in Spain and Portugal

Grupo Quero are a supplier of thermoplastic piping and welding equipment in Europe and Northern Africa. With over 50 years experience in the polyethylene pipe industry, they’ve built up an excellent distribution network during this time. It was whilst searching for an alternative supplier of butt welding equipment, the company met Worldpoly over 4 years ago. What they found, was a manufacturer with an excellent price point, machine quality and valuable technical expertise that’s coupled with a global service network. Today, Worldpoly play a vital role in Grupo Quero’s operator training and machine distribution.

New markets, new opportunities

With over 60 years of poly welding experience, Worldpoly are perfectly positioned to support operators globally. Grupo Quero are currently in the process of establishing state-of-the-art facilities in Pinto, Spain to which Worldpoly will be providing key technical support and training. Both companies are moving through applications processes to have Worldpoly training recognised by authorised governing bodies, namely the DVS.

For members of the black and yellow, this is an extremely exciting time. Opening the doors for new markets and channels, but more importantly expanding the support and service network. Worldpoly has always set itself apart by providing first class service to butt welding operators, which this partnership now expands on.

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