5 Ways to Increase Second Hand Machine Value


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Any construction or heavy machinery such as a butt welding machine can heavily fluctuate in second hand value. Some factors like economic conditions are impossible for you to control, but others like maintenance and care are not. If you’re looking to sell machinery, or maintain your assets value, we’ve put together a checklist to help.

  • Service history: Any butt welding machine becomes more valuable if you can prove its condition with service history. You should always be able to show a potential buyer what work has been done and when, including any parts that’ve been replaced. This is particularly important for high-use or older machines, which may be in great condition, but can only be proved with documentation.
  • Appearance: A machines condition directly influences its price tag. A simple clean will dramatically improve the impression a potential buyer has. However, you should stick to cleaning and maybe touching up certain areas. A full restoration or obvious fixes could indicate that you’re trying to hide something.
  • Controls: The controls are a sure fire way to see how a machine was really treated by a previous operator. The condition of things like switches, seating and other controls are important to buyers. Anything that needs cleaning or replacing should be, this is one that most buyers won’t let you get away with.
  • Leaks: A fairly obvious one, leaks usually indicate a more sinister issue with a machine. It’s important you check and fix any leaks that you do find.
  • Replacement parts: In some cases, it might be worth replacing key components if the resale value is increased by at least the equivalent expense. It can be a large initial investment, but if it’s a solid selling point and/or improves any of the other points then it’s definitely worth it. Just look at the cost vs. benefit of any work done on a second hand machine to see if it can net you some profit.

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