2500mm Smart Butt Welder Delivered To Turkey


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Worldpoly, a leading manufacturer of welding equipment, is pleased to announce the successful completion and shipment of its highly advanced 2500mm Smart Butt Welder to Turkey. This state-of-the-art machine, equipped with tablet control and data logging capabilities, promises to revolutionize field welding operations for the country’s infrastructure projects. With its impressive specifications and innovative features, the 2500mm Smart Butt Welder is set to make a significant impact on the welding industry in Turkey.

The Cutting-Edge Features

The 2500mm Smart Butt Welder is a semi-automatic welding machine specifically designed for large-scale projects. It boasts a hydraulic open/close and locking system for the main clamps, ensuring secure and efficient fusion. With its tablet control interface, operators can easily navigate the machine’s functionalities and monitor the welding process in real-time. The inclusion of data logging capabilities allows for precise documentation of each weld, ensuring quality control and facilitating future analysis.

Weighing an impressive 18,500 kilograms, this welding unit demonstrates Worldpoly’s commitment to manufacturing robust and durable machinery. The sheer size and weight of the 2500mm Smart Butt Welder make it capable of handling the challenges posed by welding enormous pipes, which are commonly used in various sectors such as oil and gas, water supply, and infrastructure development.

Delivery Process

Before the shipment to Turkey, the 2500mm Smart Butt Welder underwent a meticulous pre-delivery inspection to ensure optimal performance and compliance with Worldpoly’s rigorous quality standards. Following the successful inspection, the welding unit was securely loaded onto two 40′ open-sided containers, ready for transportation to its final destination.

The journey to Turkey not only marks the physical delivery of the 2500mm Smart Butt Welder but also the beginning of a promising collaboration between Worldpoly and its Turkish client. Both parties are excited about the opportunities this advanced welding machine will bring to the field welding industry in Turkey.

A New Era of Field Welding

With the arrival of the 2500mm Smart Butt Welder in Turkey, the field welding landscape is set to undergo a significant transformation. This cutting-edge machine empowers operators with its intuitive tablet control interface, making welding operations more efficient and precise. The inclusion of data logging capabilities ensures the traceability and documentation of each weld, enabling comprehensive quality control.

Worldpoly looks forward to working closely with its Turkish client to ensure a seamless integration of the 2500mm Smart Butt Welder into their field welding projects. The expertise and support provided by Worldpoly will facilitate the successful deployment and operation of this groundbreaking welding machine, allowing the client to achieve superior results and meet the demands of their ambitious projects.


The delivery of the 2500mm Smart Butt Welder to Turkey represents a significant milestone for Worldpoly and the field welding industry. With its state-of-the-art features, robust construction, and innovative tablet control system, this welding machine is poised to revolutionize welding operations in the country. Worldpoly’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and providing ongoing support ensures that their clients can achieve exceptional results while pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field welding sector.

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