Hydraulically operated CNC controlled workshop machine for the butt-welding of pipes and fittings in PE, PP and other thermoplastic materials. Pivoting clamps allow for the fabrication of fittings having different radii. Included are hydraulic open



PolyWorkshop54i workshop welding machine including hydraulic open/close/locking main bend clamps, hydraulic open/close/locking main tee and cross clamps, and all reducing liners required to produce bends, tees and crosses diameter 24" to 54" IPS. Touch screen CNC operation with internal data logger.

Technical Specifications


Complete PolyWorkshop54/24, including hydraulic open/close/locking main clamps for bends, 90 degree tees and equal crosses to suit 54, 48, 42, 36, 34, 32, 30, 28, 26 & 24" IPS.
CNC tablet operation including 20,000+ data logging
Suitable for welding pipes and fittings from 54" DR 11 to 24" DR 5
Welding according to ASTM 2620-13
Specifications subject to change without notice. Please confirm at time of order confirmation.


480 volt 3 phase 60 Hz


Optional clamps allow production of 45 & 60 degree branch tees including hydraulic open/close/locking main clamps to suit 54, 48, 42, 36, 34, 32, 30, 28, 26 & 24" IPS.

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