Over Engineered: Australia’s PolyForce 630i Butt Welding Machine


Years experience in PE pipe machinery

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Countries and counting

This is not a sales pitch, it’s nothing short of an engineering marvel. A true testament to the teams ability and experience. A story of an OEM who listens to the specific needs of an industry.

Safety? We design and produce these machines in Australia, and Bosch Rexroth wrote our original operating program, making us both responsible for how the machine works. For the past 8 years nobody has requested safety enhancements on our machines because they don’t need them. Safety is a major part of the design.

Overheating? We fit high-power hydraulic fans specifically for cooling the hydraulic oil, operating in Pilbara open-cuts at well over 50 degrees. Your screen goes black in the sun? Ours operate at 70’C, or storage at 80’C, direct sunlight, fully sealed with M12 connectors, IP66, NEMA 4X/12 rated with hazardous location and marine certifications, tested to 4 g RMS sweep sine for vibration and 40 g 11 ms half sine for shock. In short, they’re fit-for-purpose because we know where you’re going to take the machine, and unlike in other countries that means something in Australia.

PLC errors? We use the super-rugged Bosch Rexroth PLC they put in underground rock drills, so no ‘changing circuit boards due to operator error’ because of normal heat, dust and vibration. We use super-rugged components designed for use in typically Australian remote environments.

Servicing problems? Hydraulic hose fittings, nuts and bolts, facing tool chains, electrics foreign to your local service people? Not ours.

Spare parts delays? Stop cannibalising your machines to reduce down-time. Our original components were sourced locally, so chances are they’re already on the shelf nearby.

Operator nightmares? Have you been told it’s operator error’, and there’s nothing they can do for you? The people who designed, fabricated, assembled and tested our machines are all in your time zone, speak roughly the same language, and are probably Aussies. You’ll be blown away by our legendary service and support.

“Fit for purpose … with typical Australian harsh conditions squarely in mind. Read on to learn about every minute detail.”

Rob Hall – Managing Director

The specs

Multi-layer safety monitoring and isolation system

  • Emergency stop push buttons are located at all operating areas.
  • The smart safety relays monitor the emergency stop buttons for activation (& failure) and wiring faults.
  • Electrical system has manual forced reset on emergency stop button activation.
  • The 12V system has dual pole isolation on the battery.
  • Main electrical box has 240V and 3 phase power systems isolation switches.
  • Hydraulic system with electrical isolation switch.
  • Engine control system is protected from electrical surges that may occur from emergency shut-downs.
  • A buzzer and safety beacon provide audible and visual safety measures when the machine is used for specific operations.

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

  • The 12in Beijer X2 Extreme Rugged HMI panel has a super bright display with a sun visor being a part of the housing design.
  • Workflow and ease of operation are optimised with new HMI programs.
  • Large on-screen buttons with interactive visual animation (when activated) allows for easy and fast operation.
  • Safety for the operator is paramount on the PolyForce range.
    • Dual redundancy joysticks, featuring two access movement and operator presence control (OPC) buttons.
    • Two hands are in constant contact with the joysticks.
  • Yanmar CAN based engine controller for engine telemetry and fault diagnosis is clear and simply to read.
    • A bright colour screen, engine system monitoring with feedback LED and Yanmar’s clever QR code fault diagnosis.
  • Operating the machine’s tracks has been optimised with three options for the user.
    • Remotely from the included Scanreco remote control
    • Using the 12in Beijer screen which can move out away from the moving machine making walking and operating the machine safer in both nudge and travel operations.
    • OR using the engine controller CAN buttons on the dash.

Machine Control

Focussed on removing unnecessary wiring and complex integrated componentry.

  • Worldpoly’s new CAN control system uses the latest in CAN system technology found in industrial robotics machines. This system is also used in other rugged and simplistic systems. Eg. Market leading Earth moving equipment.
    • Smart CAN controller modules are strategically located in protected positions.
    • CAN controller modules enable a reduction of the wiring on the machine by 50%. Also greatly reducing sensor reaction and monitoring times.
  • The Rexroth CAN self-monitoring modules, sensors and solenoids that Worldpoly use are available over the counter internationally.
  • Any reputable electrical or diesel maintenance company will have no issues with service and repair.
  • Small efficient electrical box
  • The 12V engine system and 24V machine control system are completely separate.
  • Bosch Rexroth PLC
  • Engine coolant temperature, hydraulic oil temperature and the hydraulic load monitoring are all displayed during machine operation.
  • Automatic data logging with no operator input required.
  • All electrical plugs are sealed to IP67.
  • The system has been redesigned to use standard automotive fuses and relays.
  • Worldpoly’s 630i automated program adapts with pipe sizes and environmental conditions to optimise overall parameters and target parameters, whilst providing crash protection for the operator.

Power Generation and Output

  • Meccalte 3 phase 18kVa alternator sized for extended life.
  • The alternator is hydraulically driven from its own hydraulic system and mounted on heavy duty dampeners to prolong life.
  • Remote control charger USB and cigarette lighter charging point is located inside the toolbox for operator convenience.
  • 350A Anderson plug jump point standard on all machines
  • Optional 240V, 15A outlet
  • Optional 3 phase inlet for indoor welding


Australian Model

  • Yanmar
  • 4TNV84T Generator Spec
  • 1800RP
  • 26.8kW output
  • 4 cylinder
  • 1.995L Displacement
  • Diesel
  • 13hr run time
  • Water cooled

USA Final Tier 4 Model (Nth. American market only)

  • Yanmar
  • 4TNV86CT
  • Common Rail Diesel
  • 1800RPM
  • 26.8kW output
  • 2.091L Displacement
  • Diesel
  • 13hr run time
  • Water cooled

Hydraulic System

  • Danfoss variable displacement piston pump for main system and accessories. Load sensing capabilities. Only loads motor when needed.
  • Vivolo gear pump for alternator drive and cooling fan drive with variable speeds for hot and cold environments.
  • M+S facing tool hydraulic motor
  • High volume cooler by OMT
  • Nordon Hydraulics accessory cylinders
  • Delta Hydraulics main welding cylinders
  • Dual monitoring of system pressure for accurate loads
  • High and low resolution of main cylinders
  • All hydraulic movements are proportionally controlled
  • Industry standard manifolds
  • Industry standard Cetop valves
  • Self-regulating facing tool load
  • Full PLC control – 205Bar max system pressure
  • 100L oil storage for long oil life

Operation Modes

An extra mode allows users to customise the level of interaction with the machine.

Auto weld mode

  • User inputs pipe data and the machine calculates all times & pressures (from the chosen Standard) and then uses the built-in auto change over function.

Manual weld mode

  • User can control pressures similar to a manually valved machine and the machine uses the built-in auto change over function.

General Features


  • 300mm wide dual direction track rubbers for low ground pressure.
  • Tracks orientation favours machine movement towards new pipe.
  • Two speed travel (0.75MPH and 2MPH).


  • High strength chassis with tow points.
  • Built in outriggers primarily used for lifting with certified lifting inserts but can be used secondarily with optional;
    • Umbrella mount insert
    • Light tower mount insert
    • Workbench mount insert
    • Overhead canopy
    • Steps and platform
  • Lightweight aluminium bash guards under the chassis allow water and debris to pass without allowing damaging objects to hook hydraulics or fuel components
  • Chassis is built using an independent locating plate to make fitting and removing both tool carriage and welding carriage quick and easy
  • Locating bosses and shear plates keep the welding carriage aligned with the tool carriage during all operations.
  • Thorough computer analysis and optimisation. External high force pipe lifters with sealed bearing rollers

Engine Cover

  • Two position tilting assisted aluminium cover with mechanical lock
  • Position 1 allows the user easy access to regular daily checks
  • Position 2 allows the user full engine replacement or other major service requirements without needing to lift the cover off
  • The 5mm engine cover allows for harsh use and added protection.
  • Full insulation layered inside the cover creates a micro environment for the engine for both temperature and containing the engine noise.
  • Improved performance from the engine in hot and cold environments with the variable cooling fan
  • Hydraulic variable speed extraction fan services both the radiator and oil cooler

Hydraulic cover

  • Three removable panels allow direct access to all main manifolds, CAN module, fuel particle separator and main fuse box
  • A protective guard protects wireless antenna and quick release plugs for the tool carriage, heat plate and weld carriage

Top clamps

  • Hydraulic open and close
  • Hydraulic lock and unlock
  • Quick release for in trench work
  • Removable main liners if they get damaged
  • Lift points for those who are OH&S conscious

Bottom clamps

  • Components are internal in the clamp to protect from damage
  • Large locking cylinders stop any chance of pipe slippage
  • Multiple lifting lug locations for in trench and general lift in/out
  • Rear bash guard and clean bottom plate make cleaning out pipe offcuts easy
  • Main liners removable if they get damaged

Weld carriage

  • Main liners have been designed to allow competitor insert liners to fit (call our sales team to find out more)
  • High grade steel used
  • Quick release hydraulics with easily to identifiable fittings
  • Dual onboard CAN modules react quickly to commands and increase accuracy of movements
  • Main cylinders are flange type cylinders that unlike the tension rod style commonly used on cheaper machines
  • High pressure, low friction seals used
  • Trench ready

Facing tool

  • Turned from a single piece of billet aluminium
  • Dual chain drive for added strength
  • Adjustable teeth depth
  • Quick release for trench work
  • Alignment bolts allow facing tool to be aligned with pipe and heating plate
  • High RPM facing
  • High torque hydraulic drive
  • Fully automatic smart speed and feed

Heat plate

  • Two-piece design for cheap element replacement
  • 8.5kW
  • Teflon coated
  • Quick release for trench work
  • Automatic cover with constant alignment. The cover stays over the heat plate even when heating a pipe. This removes the issues caused by high winds making the heat plate misalign on retraction
  • Quick release cover
  • The cover is 5mm thick aluminium which has structural ribs. This adds thermal mass and keeps heat in. We heat quicker, stay hot for longer and keep the plate inside the cover for as long as possible

Tool carriage

  • Onboard easy access hydraulic manifolds
  • Onboard easy access CAN module
  • Quick release tools
  • Quad high load, high grade linear bearings create an unmatched frictionless tool system
  • Built in linear transducer in our main tool position cylinder means no damage can occur and high accuracy is maintained
  • Easy access grease points
  • Removable as complete unit from machine for maintenance or for when major service of machine is required
  • High strength main rods
  • Main rods have been designed based around future maintenance and ease of removal

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