Worldpoly63 Trench HF

Worldpoly63 Trench HF. Hydraulically operated and CNC controlled butt-welding machine suitable for HDPE PP pipes and fittings from 36" to 63" OD. Available to weld according to ISO 4427-2 SHP, POP003 SHP and ASTM high-force Standards, on-board data l



Worldpoly machines operate with far less downtime than you've become used to.

Technical Specifications


Standard welding range 42" DR 9 to 63" DR 17 IPS
4 main clamps, one removable
Includes facing tool, heating plate and stub device for welding flanges
Hydraulically locking main clamps
Includes pipe clamps 1600, 1400, 1200 & 1000mm or 63", 54", 48" & 42" IPS. Also available are 60", 54", 48" & 42" DIPS liners
PLC control through wireless tablet with 10,000+ data logging
Please note technical specifications of Worldpoly machines may change without notice

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