Worldpoly48 Hydra HF

Worldpoly48 Hydra HF CNC hydraulically operated high and low force butt-welding unit provides an ideal machine for butt welding PE pipes and fittings diameter 24" to 48" IPS. Welding operation is controlled by a hand-held tablet, allowing free movem



Worldpoly machines operate with far less downtime than you've become used to.

Technical Specifications

Welding range 24" to 48" IPS: DR 11 (PN16) to DR 41 (PN4). 24" to 30": DR 9 to DR 41
Complete and ready to weld.
Hydraulic open/close/locking main clamps.
Tablet controlled CNC operation. Choose welding satandard, pipe OD and waall or SDR, the temperature, time and pressure are automatically controlled.
20,000+ weld data logging as standard.
IPS machine includes two-piece clamps (4 circles), including 48"x42", 42"x40", 40"x36", 36"x32", 32"x28", 28"x24".
Aluminium PTFE coated heating plate and electrically operated facing tool is hydraulically inserted and removed during welding operation.
Genuine 2 year international warranty.
Optional steel stub device for welding end fittings.
Tool box including tools, bolts etc.
400 volt 3 phase 50/60 Hz (30.6 kw, 47.6 A). Alt. 480 volt 3 phase 60 Hz.
Minimum generator required: 400 volt 3 phase 50 hz, 32 KVA. Provide full machine details to generator supplier before purchase.
Please note technical specifications of Worldpoly machines may change without notice

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