HDPE pipes are often located in harsh and remote environments. It’s essential your operations are supported by poly welding machines with next level capabilities.


Years experience in PE pipe machinery

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Countries and counting

Manufacturing born from experience

Worldpoly butt welding equipment has evolved over 60+ years in the PE pipe industry. Developed through first-hand knowledge and appreciation of every aspect of the chain, from raw material through to pipe and fitting design, production and installation. This is certain to add significant value to our equipment at many levels through the development of a partnership, rather than a simple sale.


You got our machines to weld HDPE pipe, and as a 60 year veteran in the industry we understand that. As soon as you require a part we normally send it the next day by air. If it’s under warranty we do the same, and work out who’s paying later. If you need service under warranty we supply the parts and work with your preferred local hydraulics or electrics service company to get you back on the job as soon as possible. Call it old fashioned, but that’s the way we do it.


Experience shows, and over decades of our own welding we did learn something. At every opportunity we look at our equipment through the eyes of our clients. Using feedback, experience, appropriate materials and constant improvement we are proud of the equipment we supply.


Appropriate technology has a real place at Worldpoly. Our PolyForce machines use the worlds’ best from Rexroth, Danfoss, Yanmar, Mecc Alte, Beijer, and all specified for rugged and mobile application. Workshop equipment can be monitored and analysed from Australia, and has on-board data logging. Basic European-style machines are ready to accept data logging. The list goes on.


As if operator safety was not an inherent responsibility for every manufacturer, Australia has one of the worlds’ most stringent OH&S requirements. That is where we live, so safety is a primary element of our equipment.


We know what you’re going to do with them because we’ve been there, so we design and produce equipment to be operated in the real world. The PLC in our PolyForce machines is used in underground rock drills, clamps are stronger, pumps are bigger.

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