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A leading producer of HDPE pipe debeaders for both internal and external weld beads created as a result of butt welding or fusion.


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Why use pipe debeaders for HDPE butt welding?

Removal of the internal bead is an argument which has gone on for years, introduced mainly by pipe manufacturers whose systems don’t have one. Our opinion is that the all-but imperceptible change in flow caused by the bead has no recoded effect on performance, flow or wear, but if you are unlucky enough to encounter this requirement, our Danish internal debeaders do the job with little fuss – so long as you follow the instructions accurately.

How does an internal pipe debeaders work?

The debeader is made up of a number of components, including the debeading head, 12 or 15 metres of Aluminium rod and appropriate centring rings. The head is entered into the pipe and pushed forward until it encounters the weld bead, then counter-rotated to engage the blade. A handle at the other end is rotated until the bead has been sliced out, the head is withdrawn, and the cut bead has been retained by the cutting head. Whatever you do you must remove the weld bead withing the first half of the cooling time. Trying to remove a cold bead is useless, will potentially damage the tool, and might mean that you have to do the weld and bead removal again.

Types and sizes of debeaders for sale

Worldpoly internal debeaders are available, to suit HDPE pipe from 90mm (3.5") to 630mm (25") OD, with rod lengths up to 24 metres.
Each head covers a range of diameters including 125mm to 160mm, 160mm to 200mm, 225mm to 315mm, 355mm to 500mm, and 560mm to 630mm.

Features and benefits of pipe debeaders

Worldpoly debeaders are manufactured in Denmark with sheer quality for several years now. They are easy to use and last an extraordinarily long time, which is great news for operators.


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