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The new project “Improvement and expansion of drinking water and sewerage services in the town of San Marcos, district of San Marcos – Ancash – Perú

The need for San Marcos to have safe and uninterrupted drinking water, 24 hours a day is about to become a reality. This ambitious project is being successfully achieved with the use of HDPE pipes and quality Worldpoly butt welding equipment which have long been recognised around the world for their long life and proven design that works in difficult geographic areas, as well as in extreme weather conditions. Worldpoly’s continual machine improvement program has meant that industrial sectors such as mining, construction, agribusiness, sanitation and others, continue to have butt welding machines that work at their optimum work efficiency, with and much less downtime. The CNC functionality makes for high traceability of each weld, which is provided to the client for their records.

“Evidence of the quality of the Worldpoly CNC thermofusion machines, is proven by seeing the machine that is operating in the San Marcos Project. I can verify that the CNC technology reduces to almost zero, any operator errors that can be made during the welding process. This guarantees the reliability of each weld and allowed us to finish the project satisfactorily after 4 months of continuous operations.”


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