How to Solve Over Heating Butt Welding Machines


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Temperature problems for poly welders in open cut mines

HDPE pipe is used in tough mining environments to withstand high external loads and internal pressures of pit dewatering and resistant chemical flow, which are often by-products of these operations. Given the remote and harsh locations, some seriously tough butt welding machinery is required. However, an issue was recently flagged by a client welding in open-cut pits in the Pilbara (WA, Australia), where they have experienced ambient temperatures approaching 60 degrees Celsius causing every other poly welding machine to overheat. Seeing a problem, the team at Worldpoly immediately got to work on a solution.

A new hydraulic fan cooling system

Realising that all OEM’s butt welding machines are prone to high-temperature problems, the team saw this as an opportunity to get ahead of the game. Within a few weeks, numerous designs were already on trial and tests completed for a solution. A new hydraulic fan cooling system was implemented to deliver the required machine temperature for extreme environments. The fan will immediately rev to max RPM with the PLC kicking in to calculate the optimal speed required for cooling. Within 4 weeks of successful testing, the new feature not only became standard on all future PolyForce units – but was retro-fitted on-site to an existing machine, which now operates where others fear to tread. This type of commitment is just one of the many examples of partnerships Worldpoly builds with poly welders across the globe to deliver next level value.

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