PolyRoller 1000

Worldpoly PolyRollers are designed and manufactured in Australia, specifically for use with HDPE poly pipe. Cut, welded and assembled by us in Melbourne then hot-dip galvanised, these are not a throw-away product. The centre-line of the rollers cha



Stop accepting downtime when you're welding.
Worldpoly machines operate with significantly less downtime.

Technical Specifications


Suits HDPE / poly pipe from 315mm (12" IPS) to 1000mm (36" DIPS)
Australian designed and manufactured, hot-dip gal with H/D rollers on replaceable bearings
Adjustable centerline height using H/D chain lock
Max. roller height 932 mm or pipe centreline of 1432mm, Min. 300mm or c/l of 800mm
- Max height is taken at a 45deg angle of ‘A’ frame, Min is taken at max width of ‘A’ frame before it touches the ground.
Weight 100kg

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