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Produce bends, tees and crosses for HDPE pipes with fabrication machines for your workshop. Worldpoly offers machinery from 90mm (3.5") up to 2000mm (80").


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How do fabrication machines work?

A fittings and fabrication machine provides the ability to create bends, tees and crosses for HDPE pipes. They work principally the same as a butt welding machine used in the field, where the process aligns the HDPE pipes to be welded, shaves their ends smooth and parallel, melts both ends of the pipe and pushes them together at a controlled pressure. A workshop fabrication machine will however allow for pipe to come together at controlled angles, allowing production of bends, tees, crosses and wyes.

Fabrication machines allow for the welding of angles up to 67 degrees, and are complimented by workshop pipe saws specifically for the preparation of HDPE pipe segments for this purpose. You could choose to cut them using a chainsaw to save the cost, but you’ll then spend a lot of time facing the pipe segments.

Australian and international fabrication machine standards

Worldpoly recommends using low pressure welding for all bends, crosses and tees. The addition of an angle creates a larger surface area, which is easily ruined by high pressure pushing the material out of the apex of the weld. Applicable standards include:

Sizes of fittings & fabrications machines for sale

Worldpoly manufactures machines for HDPE pipe anywhere from 90mm to 2000mm OD. Our team is continually innovating, and is currently designing a machine, which is capable of producing bends, tees and crosses for pipes up to 2500mm OD.

There are many, but one major difference between workshop machines is the size of fittings they make. The majority of manufacturers specify the maximum diameter of bend it will produce, but do not explain that the machine cannot produce tees, crosses or branch tees of that diameter.

As an example, a Worldpoly PolyWorkshop1200 can produce bends, tees, crosses, branch tees and tru-wyes to 1200mm, while the majority of ‘1200’ fabrication machines on the market will weld bends to 1200, tees to 900 or 1000, and 800mm wyes. Call us old fashioned, but we supply what you reasonably expect.

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