PolyRover1000 LF

Worldpoly PolyRover1000 Trench reduces workload and the need for extra support equipment on remote sites allows for faster, more efficient and consistent welding of PE and PP pipelines. Worldpoly PolyRover machines are specifically designed for use i



Stop accepting downtime when you're welding.
Worldpoly machines operate with significantly less downtime.

Technical Specifications


Welding range 500mm to 1000mm, SDR 9 (PN16) to SDR 41 (PN4), according to DVS, ISO and AUS/NZ POP003 low force
Australian made with genuine 5 year International warranty
Main frame includes 4 clamp sets for 1000mm diameter:
Easily able to weld between clamps 3 and 4 for tight fittings and fabrications
Entire welding frame with 4 clamps easily removed for trench work, allowing accurate alignment
Fork lift and overhead lifting points
Includes reducing liners to weld pipe within the complete specified range: metric 1000, 900, 800, 710, 630, 560 & 500mm OD
Hydraulically lifted cast Aluminium PTFE coated heating plate with electronic temperature control and insulated cover
Hydraulically lifted and electrically operated cast Aluminium electric facing tool, thermostatically controlled with current overload protection
High quality and remotely serviceable Bosch Rexroth electro-hydraulic pump, valves and controls
Wired ready to accept Worldpoly and other data loggers
Modular controls located in convenient operator position include:
Welding operation controls include; digital pressure readout, countdown timer, emergency stop
Hydraulic pipe lifters front and rear
Tool box including spare blades, thermocouple, temperature controller, tools etc
Options include: Stub end device for welding end fittings (available in Aluminium or steel)
Supplied with the machine - Layer clamps metric: 1000x900, 900x800, 800x710, 710x630, 630x560 & 560x500mm


Operating voltage: Standard 400 volt 3 phase 50 Hz 30.8 kw, 50.2 A.


Optional Bimini-type cover
Two-piece clamps 1000x900, 1000x800, 1000x710, 1000x630, 630x560 & 630x500mm
Narrow clamps metric: 1000x900, 900x800, 800x710, 710x630, 630x560 & 560x500mm, as required for welding injection moulded or short-spigot fittings

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