PolyForce1000i Tracked

Worldpoly PolyForce1000i Tracked. Australian Made high pressure tracked butt welding machine featuring safety, speed, consistency and ease of use. Intuitive operation using modern rugged electronics providing hydraulic open/close/hands-free locking



Worldpoly PolyForce1000i Tracked High-pressure butt welding machine including on-board low noise Yanmar diesel, easily operated electronic controls, hydraulically movable facing tool and heating plate, hydraulic open/close/locking of pipe clamps, stub welding device and 4 circles of two-piece clamps 1000mm to 500mm. Tracked base includes low-noise Yanmar low RPM diesel engine, external hydraulic pipe lifters, two-speed rubber tracks, wireless remote control, data logging on-board.

Technical Specifications


PolyForce1000i Tracked HDPE Fusion Machine - Australian Made
Track mounted, self contained and self propelled, wireless remote control included as standard
Hydraulic in/out facing tool and heating plate
Hydraulic open/close/locking of main clamps
Yanmar on-board low-noise low fuel consumption diesel - optional Tier 4 Final for North America or anybody else who wants it.
Simple operation, including data logging
Pipe clamps prevent slippage even under extreme conditions
External hydraulic pipe lifters front and rear for operator safety
Butt welding unit easily removed for site and trench work
Long operating time thanks to engine control system and low RPM
Australian made, built tough, locally serviceable, low-noise. Just what you've been looking for
Capacity 500 to 1000mm OD. Two-piece clamp inserts for pipe and fittings diameters 1000, 900, 800, 710, 630, 560 & 500mm, and stub device for short-spigot stub flange fittings are included
Electric start with engine management system
Welded steel machine frame and tracked base
Rubber track assembly is two-speed, 30+ degree capacity, automatic braking when stopped
Weight - 6500 kg / 14300 lb., low center of gravity,
Suitable for road transport without removal of welding frame. Drives into a standard container
Technical specifications subject to change without notice. Please check at time of order confirmation.


Maximum pump operating pressure - 205 bar / 20 MPa / 2970 psi
Cylinder section 12,922 mm² / 200.2 inch². Optional cylinders available with increased force, or decreased if welding thin wall pipes.


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