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Workshop Welding Machines

PolyWorkshop315/90 LF
(WHG315 90-315mm)
PolyWorkshop12/3" LF
(3" to 12" IPS - 3" to 10" DIPS)
PolyWorkshop450/160 CNC LF
PolyWorkshop630/24 CNC LF
(WHG630 315-630 / 24-12)
PolyWorkshop24/12 CNC LF
(12" to 24" IPS)
PolyWorkshop800/500 CNC LF
(WHG800 500-800mm)
PolyWorkshop800/355 CNC LF
(WHG800/355 355-800mm)
PolyWorkshop1000/500 CNC LF
(WHG1000 500-1000mm)
PolyWorkshop1200/630 CNC LF
(WHG1200 630-1200mm)
PolyWorkshop 48/20 CNC HF
(20" to 48" IPS)
PolyWorkshop 48/20 CNC LF
(20" to 48" IPS)
PolyWorkshop 54/24 CNC HF
(24" to 54" IPS)
PolyWorkshop 63/36 CNC HF
(36" to 63" IPS)
PolyWorkshop1600/1000 CNC LF
(WHG1600/1000 Y Clamp ready)
PolyWorkshop2000/1400 CNC LF
(WHG2000/1400 Y Clamp ready)
PolyWorkshop3600 CNC LF
(1600-3600 / 63"-142" Bends)

PolyWorkshop3600 CNC LF

PolyWorkshop3600 LF is designed specifically for the production of segmented bends from solid wall DR 26 HDPE pipe.
With almost 60 years of HDPE pipe systems experience, Worldpoly provides a dedicated production platform for bends with 0 to 15 degree segments, using PLC control of temperature, time and pressure, and providing data logging of the process for quality control.

Technical Specifications

  • Frame similar to field machine, can create an angle from 0 to 15 degrees
  • Two cylinders on bottom and top
  • Heating plate and planing tool operate similar to the normal workshop machine, moving in and out from the rear
  • As the machine is required to produce only bends, we expect to cover the full range with a single machine
  • Includes reducing liners required to produce bends diameters 1600 to 3600mm or 63" o 142" IPS.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please confirm at time of order