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Field Welding Machines - Metric

Worldpoly315 High Pressure
(Dual Pressure 90-315mm)
Worldpoly450 High Pressure
(Dual Pressure 200-450mm)
PolyRover630/24 Trench
PolyRover630/24 AllTerrain
PolyForce630/24 CNC Trench
(225-630mm Dual Pressure)
PolyForce630/24 CNC AllTerrain
(315-630mm/12-24" Dual Pressure)
PolyForce630/24 CNC Track
(315-630mm Dual Pressure)
PolyRover1000 AllTerrain
Worldpoly1000/40 Hydra
(500-1000 / 20-40")
PolyForce1000/40 CNC AllTerrain
(500-1000mm / 20" - 40")
PolyForce1000/40 CNC AllTerrain
(500 - 1000mm / 20" - 40")
PolyForce1000/40 CNC Track
(500-1000mm/18 - 40")
Worldpoly1200/48 Hydra
(630-1200mm / 24-48")
PolyForce 1200/48 CNC AllTerrain
(24" - 48" IPS / 630mm - 1200mm)
Worldpoly1600 Hydra HF
PolyForce 1600 AllTerrain
(1600 - 900mm)
PolyRover 2000 AllTerrain
(2000 - 1600mm)
(PolyForce630 & 1000 Machines)

Worldpoly315 CNC

Worldpoly315 CNC hydraulically operated butt-welding machine suitable for PE and PP pipes and fittings from 110 to 315mm OD. Excellent design and construction provides a premium machine for welding both on the worksite and in the factory.
Integrated CNC control ensures correct welding procedures including temperature, time and pressure functions, and provides on-board data logging for every weld.
The use of high quality pressure-cast Aluminium castings allows for lower weight without compromising strength and performance, while providing extra strength when welding out-of-round pipe.
Welding can be carried out between clamps 3 & 4 for tees, bends and manifold work. Includes integrated data logger.

Technical Specifications

  • Welding range 110 to 315mm SDR 9 (PN20) to SDR 41 (PN4) according to DVS 2207-1 and ISO 21307 low-pressure specifications.
  • Complete and ready to weld.
  • CNC controlled temperature, time and pressure functions.
  • Supplied with a full set of 2-piece liners: 315x280, 315x250, 315x225, 315x200, 315x180, 315x160, 160x140, 160x125 and 160x110
  • CNC controlled electro hydraulic pump with quick release hoses.
  • CNC controlled hydraulically inserted and removed cast Aluminum PTFE coated heated plate, with electronic temperature control. Heating plate automatically separates from pipe ends after heating.
  • Hydraulically inserted and removed electrically operated facing tool for correct preparation of pipe ends.
  • Optional Aluminium or steel stub end device for welding end fittings.
  • Integrated data logger with USB output.
  • Genuine international warranty.
  • 230 volt 50 Hz, 5.0 kw, 15 A. Optional 60 Hz also available.
  • Total cylinder area:
  • Weight 355kg
  • Please note technical specifications of Worldpoly machines may change without notice. Please reconfirm at time of order confirmation.