PolyTrack - Field Welding Machines - Metric - Worldpoly

Field Welding Machines - Metric

PolyBasic160 LF
Worldpoly160 LF
Worldpoly250 LF
Worldpoly315 LF
Worldpoly315 HF
(Dual Pressure 90-315mm)
Worldpoly315 CNC LF
Worldpoly355/14 HF
Worldpoly450 LF
Worldpoly450 HF
(Dual Pressure 200-450mm)
Worldpoly500 LF
Worldpoly630 LF
PolyRover630/24 Trench LF
PolyRover630/24 AllTerrain LF
PolyForce630/24 CNC Trench
(225-630mm Dual Pressure)
PolyForce630/24 CNC AllTerrain
(315-630mm/12-24" Dual Pressure)
PolyForce630/24 CNC Track
(315-630mm Dual Pressure)
Worldpoly800 LF
(450-800mm / 18-30)
Worldpoly1000 LF
PolyRover1000 Trench LF
PolyRover1000 AllTerrain LF
PolyForce1000/40 CNC AllTerrain
(500 - 1000mm / 20" - 40")
PolyForce1000/40 CNC Track
(500-1000mm/20 - 40")
Worldpoly1200 LF
Worldpoly1200/48 Hydra LF
(630-1200mm / 24-48")
PolyForce 1200/48 CNC AllTerrain
(24" - 48" IPS / 630mm - 1200mm)
Worldpoly1600/63 LF
Worldpoly1600/63 Hydra LF
Worldpoly1600/63 Hydra HF
(900-1600mm/36-63" IPS)
Worldpoly2000/80 LF
Worldpoly2000/80 Hydra LF
Worldpoly2500/100 Hydra LF



Worldpoly PolyTrack provides a tough, economical and low-noise tracked platform for the worksite.
Fitted with a Cummins Onan 1500 RPM 17 KVa low-noise marine diesel generator, Bosch Rexroth hydraulics, both cordless and wired remote control and Italian two-speed rubber tracks, PolyTrack combines experience with real requirements and Occupational Health and Safety considerations.
PolyTrack immediately accepts both Worldpoly PolyForce630 Automatic and PolyForce1000 Automatic welding machines.

Technical Specifications

  • Worldpoly PolyTrack tracked base
  • Australian Made - extremely rugged construction
  • Perkins 1500 RPM low-noise 20 KVA electric start diesel generator with remote start. 64 dB at operator position
  • Bosch Rexroth hydraulics - locally serviceable
  • Italian tracks
  • Cordless and wired remote controls
  • LED head, tail and warning lights
  • Rated lifting points fitted, and spreader bar available as optional extra
  • 3 year warranty on hydraulics, 1 year manufacturers warranty on generator and tracks
  • Specifications subject to change without nmotice. please confirm at time of order.